The Odeal Of How I Managed To Find Myself In Italy

I left Nigeria on 20th of May 2015, After the untimely deaths of my parents Mr& Mrs Lucky Oghogho, My father Who was the Councilor of Orhionmwon Ugbeka Ward 2 on 17th of May 2015, during the general election in Nigeria. My father who was a strong P.D.P supporter and a P.D.P leader then, He lead a peaceful protest against A.P.C Party and Buhari.

A.P.C Party was not happy with the protest, so after the protest, they came to attack my family they burnt our house and killed my parents, i only managed to escape to Northern part of Nigeria Where i met this group of travelers who i told what happened and how they are looking for me because i saw and recognize them and i am also one of the family member that they are supposed to killed but luckily i escaped.

So after i told them what happened they felt so sorry for me, they offer to take me along as they travel escape being killed, Initially i was afraid and never wanted to go with then, but i was with just one clothe no money, no shelter and no relative who can be of help to me if i refuse to follow them, as an orphan i agree to follow them and they helped me to Libya. but getting to libya, i could not found them again because i was kidnapped and thrown into a hole for two months where i suffered until i managed to escape after so many tortures fro Libyan kidnappers who thought kidnapping me could fetch them money, but unfortunately i have no money and no one to pay my ransom i suffered till i escaped and i was kidnapped again by another group of kidnappers because i have no been to Libya before in My life and i don’t know anywhere, Since i could not pay my ransom this time, they eventually sold me to a Libyan Car Wash owner to get their money. I turn a slave after being sold to the man, i worked for him for s many months before i was able to save up money.

Yahoo yahoo no be work, My Babe Dump Me As I Stop To Da Do Yahoo Yahoo_Ex-Yahoo Boy Narrated.

Internet fraud or ‘yahoo-yahoo’ as dem dey call am for Nigeria na big problem with young boys for di kontri.

Akin (no be im real name) na one of di many young boys wey become yahoo boy because e wan hama quick.

Akin tell us how im take enter dis scamming business.

Yahoo Yahoo, na wetin every bodi don ds do for Nigeria take da follow up

“Na for 2004 I start, as I dey prepare for my TOEFL exam. I dey always go cyber café to search internet for information about di exam. Anytime wey I dey di café, I go dey see pipo dey follow oyinbo pipo chat on top Yahoo Messenger.”

One day, Akin jam one of im rich padi dey follow oyinbo woman chat. Na so im begin tell im friend wetin im go type give di oyinbo woman wey go sweet her bodi wella.

Di sweet lines wey Akin drop hot sotay im friend carry laptop give say make im take over. Akin shock wen im friend carry plenty beta come in domot di next day, come even carry am go do shopping.

Na so Akin begin follow im friend dey go cyber café everyday but dis time around, no be to check for TOEFL. Im friend go buy data, Akin go take over di system dey follow different oyinbo pipo dey chat.

E no tey before Akin eye clear say na chicken change im friend dey dash am with all di kain money im dey make from di scam.

To make sure say Akin mata no become case of Monkey dey work, Baboon dey chop, im launch im own internet scam career.

Akin go create different fake profile, pose as oyinbo man with pictures wey im see online.

After like one year, Akin begin swim inside dollars sotay im mama go dey hala say she no support dis kain life wey her pikin don begin live.

Akin say even though say im mama give am good home training, all her shouting no do anytin. After im mama tire to dey shout everyday, she wash her hand comot from her pikin mata.

‘Yahoo yahoo na pay back for colonialism’

One way wey Akin dey reason wetin e dey do be say, “Na payback for all di tins wey di colonial masters tiff for Africa.”

According to Akin, dis na wetin most of im fellow yahoo boys dey take clear dia conscience.

Akin say im bin dey use internet scamming take collect wetin belong to am.

Tithe from Yahoo yahoo money?

Yahoo Yahoo

Even though say Akin bin dey do pipo wayo, im still no dey use Church mata play.

Im tell us say anytime wey im show for church, im youth leader go dey try preach to am make im stop yahoo yahoo.

Di tin wey im use silence im guilty conscience na to dey pay im tithe from every ‘deal’ wey im hama from im oyinbo clients.

Yahoo yahoo no be work

As Akin know don alredi tell imself say im no fit use wayo money take build im life, im know say one day e go stop no mata as e hard am reach.

Di last deal wey Akin bin get na from one of im regular online lovers but dat day, something just touch am. Im change all im passwords, come delete im email accounts and Yahoo Messenger.

Dat na di last day im scam anybody and also di last time wey im babe follow am talk as money no dey flow again.

She dump am follow another yahoo guy wey even get money pass Akin.

Akin say im dey live good life now and even if im no get money yanfu yanfu, im dey happily married.

Tori be say some young boys still dey do internet fraud for Nigeria and goment don tighten punishment for anybody wey dem catch.

Di most recent case na di 14 boys wey di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) nab for Ajah area of Lagos.

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How To Easily Check If Your Plastic National Identity Card Is Out For Collection.

National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) is a statutory Nigerian organization that operates the country’s national identity management systems. It was established by the NIMC Act No. 23 of 2007 and established to create, operate and manage Nigeria’s national identity card database, integrate the existing identity database in government institutions, register individuals and legal residents, assign a unique national identification number and introduce general multi-purpose cards.

How to check if your national identity card is ready
There is now a national identity management system where you can check status of identity card using the following simple steps:

1. Visit NIMC center:
2. Then click the proceed button
3. Now, fill in your first name, last name and your NIMC tracking ID and hit the ‘check now button’
Recently, a NIMC representative described the advantages of the new national identity card. Apart from many other things, it may also be used as an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) card anywhere in the world where there is MasterCard logo.

23 Countries A Nigeria Passport Holders Can Visit Without Visa.

Every year, passports all over the world are ranked by their total visa-free score by Passport Index.

For 2019, the Nigerian passport has been placed in the 83rd position on the global passport power ranking list.

This is due to the fact that it only guarantees visa-free access into only 23 countries. You can also visit a total of 24 countries that grant visas on arrival.

Note: Some of these visa-free countries have a stipulated period of time for which you can stay without a visa.

However, there are visa-free countries accessible to all Nigerian passport holders. With just a valid passport, you can gain entry into these African countries without having to stress yourself over a visa. Some may, however, be required to apply for a visa at their point of entry.

1. Rwanda
Easily the neatest African country, Rwanda has become a destination choice for investors and tourists. After the 1994 genocide war, the East African nation is wearing a new look. It is also a secured nation with less than five percent national crime rate.

Visa is obtained at the entry point with just $100 for Nigerian passport holders.Djibouti
In East Africa, one of the best places to visit from Nigeria is Djibouti. You may require a visa on arrival at an affordable rate, but the country still has beautiful places to visit such as the Lake Assal, which is the lowest point on land in Africa. In the world, it is only the third after the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea.

2. Morocco
The culture, weather and exotic offering of Morocco make the country a great destination for honeymooners. There are super-amazing sites, shops, restaurants, cafes and more around the streets of Morocco which could definitely tempt you to turn your honeymoon into a typical excursion you will not regret.

3. Cape Verde
This is an island country that is found on the West African coast. It is one of the most welcoming tourist destinations on the continent as it has great weather and beautiful spots that you could have a splendid vacation.

4. Kenya
This beautiful tourist destination has a lot of wildlife, safari and historical places on offer. Cities to explore include Nairobi and Mombassa with the hosts generally welcoming and helpful. Visa is also at the point of entry.

5. Uganda
This East African nation with rich historical cuisine and sites such as the Lake Victoria and others allow Nigerians to travel to obtain visa at the point of entry.

6. Sudan
Nigerians can get visas at the entry point to visit the massive deserts and wildlife conservations in this hugely vast country.

7. Barbados
Located in the western area of the North Atlantic and about 100 kilometres east of the Caribbean Sea and the Windward Island. A visit to Barbados by Nigerians allows you a stay for six months without a visa. Barbados is rich in history and has some of the best beaches and sea foods.

You will only be required to provide a E-passport, return ticket and proof of sufficient funds to gain entry into the country. The visa free stay is only valid for a period of 6 months.

Location – Asia
(Visa on arrival, 30 days permit)

Renowned as one of the world’s most populated country, Bangladesh offers a 30 days permit for Nigerians to stay in the country. You will be required to provide $500 worth proof of funds and return ticket. Enjoy the best Bangladesh’s cuisine and visit the port city of Chittagong for an amazing experience.

Location – West Africa
(Visa free)

The country also plays host to International Arts and Crafts Fair, Ouagadougou which is regarded as one of the most important African handicraft fair.

Burkina Faso is visa For Nigerian who would love to stay as long as they like. The Country is boasts of a gold reserves and is rich in music and art like the drumming culture.

Location – West Africa
(Visa free for 3 months)

As a Nigerian passport holder, you can visit Benin Republic and stay for 3 months without a visa. A country located close to Nigeria, there are a number of tourist attractions in the country that may interest you like the nominated UNESCO World Heritage site named Pendjari National Park.

Location – Central Africa
(Visa free for 3 months)

Chad offers a 3-month visa-free stay for Nigerians. All you need to do is provide a return ticket that shows you do not plan to stay in the country permanently. You can visit the Chad National Museum,

Chad Cultural Centre to get a feel of the rich cultural heritage of the Chadian people.

Location – West Africa
(Visa free for 90 days)

Enjoy a great time in Cameroon as entry is visa free for Nigerians. Check out the National Museum & Mvog-Betsi Zoo in Yaounde or the La Pagode Maritime Museum in Douala. There are a number of wildlife species ranging from lions and antelopes to snakes and birds, you will find at any of the parks.

Location – East Africa
(Visa on arrival)

You can travel to Comoros without a visa but you can get the visa on arrival for $50. Comoros Island is made up of four developed islands with white sandy beaches, giant fruit bats, volcanoes, and rainforests. Enjoy one of the best adventures on Comoros Island and make memories of a lifetime.

Location – West Africa
(Visa on arrival)

A visa will not be required by Nigerian citizen upon entry to Cape Verde, provided you can prove to the immigration officials you do not plan to stay permanently in the country. You will be required to provide a return ticket, as well as proof of funds.

Location – Southeast Asia
(Visa on arrival for a period of 30 days)

This country allows Nigerians entry with a 30-day visa on arrival at the port of entry. The country is well known for its beautiful beaches and ancient temple cities. You may visit during the annual Water Festival in November.

Location – Caribbean Region
(Visa free for 21 days)

Location – East Africa
(Visa on arrival)

Location – South Pacific Ocean
(Visa free for 4 months)

Location – West Africa
(Visa free)

Location – West Africa
(Visa free)

Location – West Africa
(Visa free for 90 days)

Location – Caribbean
(Visa free for 3 months)

Location – West Africa
(Visa free)
A visa free stay in Cote d’ivoire formerly known as Ivory Coast is worth it as there several points of interests and tourist attractions you can visit during your stay. The beach resorts of Assinie, the Parc National de Tai, valleys of Man and the artsy Grand Bassam are some of the breathtaking tourist attractions you can see in Cote d’ivoire. You may also enjoy the lagoon boat tour or visit the open markets in Treichville or Cocody.

Location – East Africa
(Visa free for 30 days)Nigerians are allowed a visit to Burundi for 30 days without a visa requirement. The country is known for its craft works that serve as a great gift option for tourists. From shields, baskets and masks to statues and pottery. An important part of the culture in Burundi is drumming, the Royal Drummers of Burundi have been performing for 40 years. The oral tradition of the country through poetry, storytelling and songs is also something worth enjoying.

However, there are other visa free countries Nigerian passport holders can visit include

Location – Middle East


(Visa on arrival for 60 days )

Senegal ( Visa free )

Seychelles (Visa on arrival for 30 days)

Sierra Leone (Visa free)

Somalia (Visa on arrival)

Sri Lanka (Electronic travel authorisation)

Tanzania (Visa on arrival)
Timor-Leste (Visa on arrival for 30 days)

Togo (Visa free)

Tuvalu (Visa on arrival for 30 days)

Vanuatu (Visa free for 30 days)

The Gambia
Location – West Africa
(Visa free for 90 days)

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Vegan or Palm oil?: Vegan products and palm oil products

Palm oil is everywhere and it’s a major source of deforestation, carbon emissions, and biodiversity loss. It devastates the lives of orangutans and displaces indigenous populations.

not supporting the destruction of orangutan habitats, purchasing palm oil–free products will help save the planet and allow Indonesia’s endangered orangutans to live peaceful lives in the treetops of Sumatra and Borneo’s rainforests.

In response to consumer concerns, some companies have boasted better sourcing practices and now adopt the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) certification on its products. The certification informs consumers that such companies are working with environmentally and socially responsible palm oil producers. The RSPO has certified up to 14 percent of the world’s palm oil production.

But, can RSPO-certified palm oil truly be sustainable?

Sinar Mas Group, an Indonesian conglomerate with palm oil subsidiaries, is a member of RSPO. This company is also actively engaging in illegal deforestation and burning peatlands in Indonesia, proving that RSPO membership alone is not enough to validate the sustainability credentials of a company.

RSPO standards are falling short of its vision by not barring “secondary” forests and peatland clearings in the production of palm oil. Greenhouse gas emissions, such as the carbon emitted from peatland clearings, are not included in the standards.

This allows companies to release huge amounts of carbon emissions into the air and still meet RSPO standards.

There has been some debate over whether RSPO-certification works or if it’s just “greenwash”, another way for palm oil-sourcing companies to create the illusion of sustainability and make big bucks from consumers.

“There’s an ongoing debate in the vegan community, with people saying they’re not going to buy products from animals but then they switch to products that include palm oil, which is a paradox [because] in a way they’re part of destroying the rainforests where orangutans and other animals are living,”

Below are the List of Products

  1. Earth Balance Vegan Butter

“Palm Fruit Oil” is included in the Natural Oil Blend ingredient listed on Earth Balance vegan butter. Earth Balance states that 70 percent of its palm oil comes from responsible sources in Malaysia, who are also RSPO members. The company purchases the other 30 percent of palm oil from plantations in Brazil, which are not stated as “sustainable” or “responsible” sources.

2. Justin’s Nut Butters

“Organic Palm Fruit Oil” and “Palm Fruit Oil” are listed as ingredients in all of Justin’s nut butters. The company uses palm fruit oil because it minimizes oil separation in its products, which it says consumers prefer. Justin’s sources its palm oil from a sustainable Brazilian farm. The vegan nut butters with palm oil include Chocolate Almond Butter, Vanilla Almond Butter, Chocolate Hazelnut Butter, Classic Almond Butter, Classic Peanut Butter, and Maple Almond Butter.

3 Tofutti Vegan Ice Cream & Cheeses

Tofutti markets its Premium Pints as the first non-dairy frozen dessert sold in supermarkets. However, the ice cream pints contain palm oil. The flavors with palm oil include Vanilla Almond Bark, Chocolate, Better Pecan, Vanilla Fudge, Vanilla, and Wild Berry Supreme. Tofutti’s Yours Truly Cones contain palm oil in the cone’s chocolate crunch and Tofutti Cuties may contain palm oil in its sandwiches. Its cheese products, including cream cheese and sour cream, also contain palm oil. The company doesn’t list its palm oil sourcing.

4. CLIF Builder’s & Luna Bars

CLIF Builder’s Bars contain “Palm Kernel Oil.” The company uses USDA-certified organic palm kernel oil and its palm oil suppliers are RSPO members. The CLIF Bar & Company produces LUNA bars, which also contains palm kernel oil.

5 Against the Grain Cookies

Against the Grain uses RSPO and Rainforest Alliance-certified palm oil. Its suppliers are members of RSPO. The company is confident that they are sourcing the best sustainable palm oil possible.

6 MaraNatha No-Stir Organic Nut Butters

The company’s No-Stir Organic Peanut Butter and Almond Butter contain “organic palm oil” for the same reason Justin’s nut butters include it. It’s to prevent oil separation in its products, so that the nut butters do not need to be stirred. MaraNatha does not list its palm oil sourcing.

7. Glow Gluten Free Cookies

Glow cookies might be gluten-free, but they all contain “organic palm oil.” The company does not list its palm oil sourcing.

In order to help stop rainforest destruction and the devastating effects of palm oil production, be conscious of your purchases and share your concerns with palm oil-sourcing companies.
Faith in Nature adopts a similar position. For over 100 tonnes of ingredients, the UK vegan cosmetic brand has either cut out palm oil entirely or replaced it with sustainably-certified palm oil.

Faith in Nature’s shampoo range
Faith in Nature’s shampoo range Photograph: Faith in Nature
But even a sustainable certificate does not always guarantee that there have been no negative environmental impacts in production. The industry’s sustainability body, the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO), last year suspended the certification of Malaysian palm company IOI over allegations of deforestation. While another RSPO member is under investigation, accused of clearing rainforest in Papua, Indonesia.


Abuja Pastor, Dr. JS Yusuf Releases “Miracle” Pants and Bra to Help Women Attract Husband

Abuja Pastor, Dr. JS Yusuf Releases “Miracle” Pants and Bra to Help Women Attract Husband

The senior minister at Senior Pastor of Touch for Recovery Outreach International, Dr. JS Yusuf has released a set of bra and pant bearing his face on them for female members of his church to help them attract men and generally have “good luck” with men.

The underwear is said to be also able to prevent bad diseases while leading women to their husband and of course all of this goodness does not come for free, it is sold in the church premises

What is your opinion about this?

2020/2021 EFCC Recruitment Requirements And Guides On How To Apply For EFCC Recruitment

2020/2021 EFCC Recruitment Requirements And Guides On How To Apply For EFCC Recruitment.

EFCC Recruitment 2020/2021 Form is Right Here – registration guide

Please ensure you calm down and read this guide very well. You’ll learn the whole steps involved in submitting online recruitment form at Economic and Financial Crimes Commission Portal.

Are you interested in seeing all the guidelines about how to register for EFCC jobs here in Nigeria? If yes, read the guides below:

Please be careful of fraudsters. The EFCC does not recruit via any form of agents, contractors or consultants. All information regarding Economic and Financial Crimes Commission recruitment can be found on the EFCC website at

  • Applicants must have a B.Sc. or B.A. or B.Pharm or HND in any relevant Engineering and Management or Social Sciences course with an at least a Second Class Lower or Upper Credit.
  • Applicants should have completed their NYSC with certificate or certificate of exemption.
  • They should not be more than thirty years old.
  • Must be computer literate.
  • How to Apply for Economic and Financial Crimes Commission recruitment 2020 Form?

Applicants are to fill and submit their applications online via the Department of Petroleum Resources Application Portal.
Multiple all applications submitted by an applicant for more than one position will be disqualified.

To apply you need to register your account at Economic and Financial Crimes Commission portal.


Please note that EFCC 2020 recruitment form is not yet out. This post is for you to know the things needed for EFCC jobs. Don’t pay anyone any money for employment purposes.

Please note that EFCC Recruitment 2020 Form will be Free. if anyone ask you for money, kindly report such person to the appropriate law enforcement agencies.

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Reality Talk: Let Reason This Facts Before Talking Much About Iran Going Into War With US.


This is Mark 7 nuclear weapon. Only one is enough to silence entire continent. I didnt say country but continent.
I have not yet mentioned “Hydrogene nuclear weapon” which kills and dries people like fish.

Iron melts at above 1538 degrees of heat but hydrogen nuclear weapon renders a country with about 185 degrees of heat. So what it tells you is that the strongest building will melt while humans burn like chaff.

Let me not talk about the latest one manufactured and only owned by USA, Russia and China called “Electromagnetic Pulse” which can eat 250 million people under one hour and still need some more people….that’s why its nuclear weapon!!

After knowing these facts what do you think about the ongoing crisis between the two parties?

I rest my case.

Dont use condom If you are not ready for any of these four things, no 4 is important

Dont use condom If you are not ready for any of these four things, no 4 is important.

Condom is a sheath-shaped barrier device, used during sexual intercourse to reduce the probability of pregnancy or sexually transmitted infection (STI). There are both male and female condoms . With proper use—and use at every act of intercourse—women whose partners use male condoms experience a 2% per-year pregnancy rate. Their use greatly decreases the risk of gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, hepatitis B , and HIV/AIDS.

However, Don’t let us forget the disadvantages. This article presents some of the reasons you should stop using condoms.

1. It Causes Skin Irritation

Some men are allergic to the latex used to produce condoms. Even though study shows that a very few number of men are allergic to condoms, we can’t still ignore the fact that there are men out there that face such. Not just the men only, as some women too have to deal with the friction that comes with using condom which could cause pains during sexual intercourse. For such people, instead of enjoying it, the reverse would be the case and they might end up going for treatment after it.

2. It Can Break During the Act

Condoms are not very strong and can break during s*x. This in some cases cause unwanted pregnancy or even sexually transmitted diseases. Imagine a situation where someone wasn’t careful while using condom and it breaks, not only can it completely ruin the sexual mood, it will be a disaster if after such encounter, one finds out later that one is infected with a sexually transmitted disease or end up pregnant.

3. It Reduces the Level of Trust Among Partners

When a lady insists that they must use condom before they have s*x, sometimes, the man might think it is because she doesn’t trust him enough and same goes to woman if her husband insists that they must use condom she might think otherwise. Skin to skin s*x is mostly translated as love, commitment and trust in most relationships. For someone to have s*x with you without condom, it means the person trusts you with their life. This is very common with married couples as most husbands wouldn’t even agree to use condom for birth control and if their wives should insist, they simply see that as lack of trust.

4. Condom Reduce Sexual Satisfaction

It has been discovered that most partners complain when using condom as it reduces sexual satisfaction whereas those that have had skin to skin s*x and also had condom s*x could testify to the fact that skin to skin is the best form of s*x as it gives one this good feeling of being satisfied.

Guids On How to Include Your Website To Google News To Increase Your Daily Page View.

Google News is quickly becoming a one-stop shop for many Internet users. It allows searchers to see the latest headlines or select the stories they want by topic and news source.

As a site owner, it’s also a great place to ramp up your daily site visitors and page view and content strategies.

For many companies, chatter and name recognition are as important as sales and revenue. One may even lead to the other. That’s why public relations and content marketing are so important in the age of digital marketing, and why sites like Google News have become increasingly valuable.
Google News has certain standards you have to follow if you want your content to appear there. Comply with these requirements and enjoy all the benefits of a result in Google News.

How to submit your site To submit your site, follow the steps below:

  • Your website is one of thousands that’s trying to get exposure on Google. With so much content coming in, the site doesn’t have time to deal with pages that don’t meet all of their requirements.
  • You don’t want to run the risk of your site being rejected because you didn’t follow the rules, so make sure each page of your site conforms to the guidelines set by Google News.
Screen shot of Google general guide lines
  • Once you’re sure the content is valuable and presented objectively, it’s ready for the next step.
  • Open Google News Publisher Center.
  • Use Search Console to verify ownership of your news site.
  • Click Request inclusion in news index.
  • Enter your website details, including news section URLs and labels.
  • Click Submit.
  • After your inclusion request is submitted, “Inclusion request submitted” displays and your site is reviewed by the Google News team within the next 1-3 weeks. Website owners can check the Publisher Center for updates on their inclusion requests.

If your website is accepted, you’ll see “Included” under News. If your site submission is rejected, you’ll see “Review complete: Site rejected.”. Note that once your site is rejected due to inability to meet up with good policy for inclusion, you will have to wait another 60 days before you can re_apply.

Do you have any questions or any contributions? You can drop it on the comment section, you shall get a response as soon as possible.