Princess Eunice Ukwuani’s Foundation Rendered Selfless Support For The Less Privileged In African Communities Amid Covid_19 Pandemic

  • Princess Eunice Ukwuani Foundation has render a selfless support the to less privilege across African community amid corona outbreak in the region.

Princess Eunice Ukwuani’s Foundation has at least put a smile into the faces of African Citizens who felt abandoned amid Corona-virus pandemic, by rendering a selfless support to many African community especially the less privileged and disable.

The negative impart of Covid_19 which came as a surprise to the entire world is not longer a News, it’s so surprising that despite the technological advancement in the world today, the world could still come across a pandemic such as COVID_19 which has crumbled the world economy as well as claim lives as world war 3 could do.

The Economic impart of COVID_19 is more felt in a developing world like African Nation, where foods and appropriate protective equipment are in short supply. this impart left many Africans complaining and crying over food shortage due to the failure of the Government to do the rightful. As a result, a Non Governmental Organization Princess Eunice Ukwuani’s Foundation decided to render a helping hand to African Citizens and the less privilege, with the provision of food, face mask, medical equipment and financial support.

Princess Eunice Ukwuani’s Foundation is a Non Governmental Organization who is dedicated to helping the poor, the less privilege, and Girl-Child and women with disabilities in African community and across the Globe.

The major focus of Princess Eunice Ukwuani’s Foundation in Africa, is to reduce the number of illiteracy in African community by providing free Education and financial need to the less privilege and vulnerable.

The Foundation, Princess Eunice Ukwuani’s Foundation was established by Miss Princess Eunice Ukwani in 2017 and went into operation in 2019 with major branches in Nigeria and New York.

The Founder Miss Princess Eunice Ukwani is best known for her philanthropist gesture, Her generosity inspired her to do more for the needy by coming of with the idea of owning her own foundation. She is an Nigerian, but currently based in the United States of America where she found the organization.

VISION: Helping the less privileged, vulnerable and the disabled children in Africa and across the Globe in achieving their goals and career through education and empowerment.


  • Educate the girl child and women in society
  • Empower differently-abled people in the society through scholarship and skill acquisition programs.
  • Promote gender equality for the girl-child and the vulnerable.
  • Cater and provide better living conditions of the less privileged around the world.
  • Create a synergy with other similar organizations like Lotus Initiative for the Blind (LIB), National Disability Empowerment Forum (NADEF), United Nations, and lot more.

In a recent outreach visit of Princess Eunice Ukwuani Foundation to Communities and villages in Benin City Edo Sate Nigeria, Headed Mr. Bayo Osagie Sylvester (PEUF Nigeria based Coordinator). Items such as Facemasks, Sanitizers, Hand Gloves, food and Financial assistance was given mainly to children and women to assist them in the harsh conditions of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

This outreach was done in three major communities in the state Uselu Community, Iyanomo and Orior Village.

In a statement, Mr Baye stated that, “despite the harsh financial condition of many in the country presently, it is important we make effort to give from what we have to those who do not have at all”. He further stated that “the Princess Eunice Ukwuani Foundation is committed to helping as many as possible as we fight against the deadly Corona Virus”

Mr Baye Osagie meeting with the less privilege

The Princess Eunice Ukwuani Foundation has promise to continue reaching out to many more communities in Africa till their mission is accomplish.

Nigeria Ranked 115 Out Of 153 In UN World Happiest Country Report.

The United Nations has ranked Nigeria as the 39th unhappiest nation in its 2020 World Happiness Report.

The report, which ranked 153 countries, was released on Friday, March 20 – UN’s annual International Day of Happiness.

It ranked Finland as the world’s happiest nation for the third year running.

In the report, Nigeria was ranked 115, placing above 38 other countries.

African countries that ranked happier than Nigeria are Morocco, Cameroon, Algeria, Senegal, Guinea, Niger, Gabon, South Africa, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Mali, Ivory Coast, Benin, Congo and Ghana.

The top 20 world’s happiest countries according to the report are Finland, Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden, New Zealand, Austria, Luxembourg, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Israel, Costa Rica, Ireland, Germany, United States, Czech Republic, and Belgium.

How to prepare pasta? Best and easy way for bachelor and married people to prepare pasta

Almost everyone claims pasta is a very easy food to cook right? But what have you experienced so far from many people? Sometimes they messed it up. So before we go straight to the way to prepare your pasta meal let thinks of potential problem below.

Potential Problem: You cooked your pasta in unsalted water

It might sound like redundant advice but the pasta is the foundation of any pasta dish – it doesn’t matter how flavourful or delicious your bolognese is if the pasta itself is bland.

What to do next time: Generously salt your water!

There’s an old wive’s tale that salting the water helps raise the temperature. However, it’s not enough to make a huge difference to the pasta.

Instead, salted water adds flavour to your pasta internally as it absorbs liquid and expands. If you’re unsure of whether or not it’s salty enough, give it a try – it should taste like saltwater

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Xmas:the ban on the sales,use and distribution of any explosive, fireworks or bangers is still in force_Nigeria police

Xmas:the ban on the sales,use and distribution of any explosive, fireworks or bangers is still in force_Nigeria police

While addressing the issue the Osun State Police Command has reminded residents of the state that the ban on the use of fireworks/crackers (Knockouts, Bangers and other explosives) be it indoor or outdoor is still in force.

In a statement released today by the command’s spokesperson, Folasade Odoro, the police said members of the public have been warned to desist from selling, buying and making use of these items as class of low explosive pyrotechnic devices/fireworks pose risks of causing injury to people and damage to properties.

However he charges all parents and Guardians to take note, he added the it is the duty of all parents/Guardians to monitor the activities of their children in this festive period now that the country is facing serious security challenges.

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Tips on How to Resolve “Your Account Has Been Suspended” contact Your Hosting provider.

Your website is offline and in its place “Please contact your hosting provider for details.” Panic sets in, what does this mean? Why is this happening? How do I get the website back online? If you fall under this category this article is for you.

Let’s start with what this means. Your website has been suspended, which means the hosting provider has temporarily taken it offline. Website hosts often suspend websites for a myriad of reasons ranging from malware to spam. They suspend websites when needed to protect their servers that host tons of other websites, so they don’t get infected too.

Why is it happening?

1.One of the most common reasons a site is suspended is due to lack of payment for web hosting.

Hosts try to avoid billing issues by sending out email notices to clients ahead of time or setting up automatic payments from customer credit/debit cards.

If you’ve changed your email address or have filters set on your email account, you may have missed the notice. Check your spam folder for web host messages.

Also, if your credit card or debit card has expired or you no longer use that card, the billing won’t go through.

To get your site back up and running:

Contact your web host or log in to your web host account
Confirm your payment options are correct
Make a payment
Depending on your host, your site will be back online quickly.

2.Policy Violation
If you’ve violated the policies of the web host, your account will be suspended. Your account may have been flagged for spam, a copyright violation, or some other policy.

Contact your web host. Ask for more details, and get a better understanding of the policy, and how you can resolve it.

3.Malware attacks Unfortunately, thousands and thousands of websites are infected every day and yours was one of them. In fact, websites experience an average of 59 attacks per day, which is more than 21,500 per year.


The bottom-line is that you are responsible for the security of your website. With that, you have two options. First, if you have the technical understanding, you can take care of the problem yourself. The second option, is to hire a third party to resolve the problem for you. Most website owners opt for the second option and hire a third party to ensure it gets done properly and quickly. The best third party vendors have relationships with the hosting providers and can speak directly with them to help you get back online as soon as possible. Let’s take a closer look at how the process works.

Your Site Contains Malicious Content and Has Been Suspended
As a website owner, the security and maintenance of your website is your responsibility. However, the website host is responsible for the security and maintenance of their servers. Like an apartment building superintendent, shared hosting providers are responsible for making sure the building (server) is up to code and the exterior fence locks (global firewalls). Websites are tenants in this high speed high rise and are expected to lock their own doors and windows to prevent intruders.

Many types of malware can negatively impact the performance or security of a shared hosting server. This means that malware could potentially spread beyond your website, infecting other customers who share the server with you. Malware can cause both infected and non-infected sites that share the same server, to slow down or become inaccessible. For these reasons, hosting providers run cursory malware scans on all websites hosted in their system and alert site owners when their site is found to be infected. In order to mitigate the risks associated with infected websites, hosts will take these sites offline as a precaution.

While this may seem like a punishment for being compromised, it is actually done to protect the website owner, as well as the hosting server. Taking the infected website offline will prevent the site’s visitors from being victimized. In Q3 2019 SiteLock found that nearly 15% of malware detected was classified as a visitor attack, a type of attack designed to cause harm to a website’s visitor. Malware categorized as a visitor attack includes malicious redirects, SEO spam, and phishing. This type of malware is designed to harm unsuspecting visitors to the infected site.

Suspending the website also ensures that no further damage is done while the infection is addressed. In Q3 2019, the average infected website contained 283 malicious files. While the website is suspended, attackers cannot continue to upload malicious files.

Getting Back to Business
A suspended website can be incredibly frustrating and may have a negative impact on the website reputation or business income. Finding out your website is inaccessible to your visitors can be a bitter pill to swallow, even when if it’s for your own protection. Hosts understand that it’s important to get the website back online as quickly as possible, which is why they partner with security providers like SiteLock.

The process for getting a website back online after a suspension will vary from host to host, but generally speaking, the website owner will need to remove the malicious files and then contact their hosting provider for a rescan. Before contacting their host, website owners will need to carefully review all files on the hosting account, removing any malicious files or malicious code injected into legitimate files. A skilled web developer may be able to do this manually, but it is faster and easier to use a malware scanner backed by an up to date malware database. This will automatically scan all files and remove any malicious content – including newly discovered types of malware.

Hosting providers turn to SiteLock as a security partner, in order to expedite the malware removal and reinstatement process. Malware scanners can clean the malware infection, help address vulnerabilities that led to the compromise, patch core CMS applications that may be out of date, and contact the hosting provider directly to request get the website back online. Hosts also count on SiteLock to secure sites going forward, preventing reinfections and future suspensions.

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos lost tittle of world richest man to Bill Gates.

Amazon shares fell 7 per cent in after-hours trading on Thursday, leaving Jeff Bezos down to $103.9 billion.

Seattle: Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos has lost the title as the world’s richest man, paving the way for tenacious Bill Gates to grab the top spot after Amazon’s lacklustre Q3 results resulted in Mr Bezos losing nearly $7 billion in stock value.
Amazon shares fell 7 per cent in after-hours trading on Thursday, leaving Mr Bezos down to $103.9 billion.

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates is currently worth $105.7 billion.
However Gate has retained his title of the richest billionaire in world.

Press release: Naira Marley’s trial stalled as Defense Demands More Documents from EFCC Nigeria.

Press release: Naira Marley’s trial stalled as Defense Demands More Documents from EFCC Nigeria.

According to the report from EFCC Nigeria the case has not yet be concluded but stalled for insufficient documentation to back up the charge against the singer naira Marley.

Read post from verified Twitter handle of the EFCCNigeria below.

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What is the meaning of accelerate mobile Page (AMP Page).

Have you ever be bordered with the question, what is the meaning of accelerate mobile Page (AMP Page)?. If yes this article is for you. Trust me after reading this article you will get to know what AMP Page is all about.

AMP Page

What is the meaning of accelerate mobile Page (AMP page)?
Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open source project created to improve the performance of web pages for mobile devices. The project was spearheaded by Google and Twitter.

The technology behind AMP enables lightweight pages that load more quickly for smartphone and tablet users. That capacity has become increasingly important as more and more people use mobile devices as their primary computers.

To increase the speed and functionality of mobile pages, AMP uses a stripped-down version of HTML. Some tags that work for regular web page code can’t be used for AMP. A lightweight version of CSS is required; images load only when the user scrolls to their location and forms are not supported. AMP provides a limited JavaScript library.

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Again EU Government Breaks Promise Of Safe Passage For 50000 Refugees.

European governments, including the German government, have failed to deliver on a pledge to admit 50,000 refugees by this month, DW report.

The European Union launched the resettlement program two years ago with a deadline of October 31, 2019. But only 37,520 people have arrived in Europe under the program so far.

A spokesperson for the European Commission has admitted the target will not be reached by the end of October.

Among those affected are the thousands of migrants detained in camps in Libya. UNHCR, the UN’s refugee agency, said European countries’ slow progress in fulfilling their promises was one of the factors holding up the evacuation of people facing violence amid the lawlessness and civil war.

Dimitris Avramopoulos, the outgoing EU migration commissioner, said he was “hopeful” that the remaining pledges could be fulfilled by the end of the year.

“I both commend and continue calling on member states to step up their efforts and to make sure they deliver on their pledges as quickly as possible,” Avramopoulos told DW.

Africa richest man: Alico Dangote plan big growth in Africa cement capacity

Aliko Dangote, the richest person in Africa, is looking to expand cement capacity on the continent by 29% to 62 million tons, entrenching his flagship company’s position as the the continent’s biggest producer of the construction material.

The billionaire plans to add six million tons in Nigeria next year, taking volume in Dangote Cement Plc’s home market to 35 million tons, he said in interview on Bloomberg Television. The rest of the expansion is planned mainly in West Africa, including Niger and Cote d’Ivoire.
The 62-year-old told shareholders in June the company plans to open plants in Nigeria that will allow it export clinker to grinding plants in Cameroon and West Africa.

Dangote, who is building one of the world’s biggest refineries in Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, in addition to investments in gas and petrochemical plants, said he expects total group revenue to grow to about $30 billion from $4 billion when the plants start operations in the next 2 years.

Thereafter, plans include investing about 60% of profit outside Africa, including the U.S. and the U.K. “Sometimes in Africa you have issues of devaluation,” he said. “We want to really preserve some of the family’s wealth.”